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Every idea starts with an obstacle. Ours was simple: Good 3D technology is too expensive. 3D is not really considered a big thing as it used to be in the past, the reason was simple: bad viewing experience. People preferred 2D over 3D. 3D experience was only good in cinemas. Our customers have requested for past few years for a product that can be used for home cinema projectors. The problem: Our client base have only been companies but what about an average consumer who wants to buy our products? Even if we come up with home cinema solutions how will the product reach them? So we started INFITEC DIGITAL SHOP to give customers a 3D experience at the comfort of their own homes with hassle free ordering and delivering. We believe that owning a 3D projector setup should be easy and fun. It should leave you happy and good-looking, with money in your pocket.



Can I use INFITEC with every projector?

by INFITEC GmbH March 03, 2016

INFITEC is not compatible with:

  •  Laser and Laser-Hybrid projectors.
  •  LED projectors.

INFITEC is only compatible with lamp based projectors (UHP lamps).

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Why is it required to have a HDMI MINI converter for 3D content ?

by INFITEC GmbH December 04, 2015

A lot of people who are new to having 3D entertainment system at homes ask us why we need HDMI MINI converter ? The reason is simple to split your 3D input(sources like blu ray player, Sky 3D, PC) into 2 projectors input feed. As INFITEC solutions require 2 projectors so you need 2 inputs for each of the projector.

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